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Author Topic: Internet Suspects Cops Provoking Riots as Shadowy Man in Black Caught...  (Read 323 times)


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Minneapolis, MN — Dozens of businesses and other buildings in Minneapolis, near the police department’s third precinct, were hit hard with vandalism this week, with some of them being completely burned to the ground. There was undoubtedly some organic intent behind this destruction. However, several videos of a highly suspicious man wearing a gas mask and carrying a hammer, paint an ominous picture of potential agent provocateurs stoking the rioting among the protesters.

Internet Suspects Cops Provoking Riots as Shadowy Man in Black Caught Smashing Up Autozone
Throughout the day, most of the protests in Minneapolis were peaceful with the exception of protesters directing their anger and property destruction toward the police department who refused to immediately charge George Floyd’s killers. However, as was widely reported, the Autozone near the department was one of the first places to be looted and set on fire.